MINT ERROR -- Galilean -- Ake Ptolemais, Galilee, 132 - 109 B.C.

Bronze hemi-chalkos, cf. Kadman Akko Ptolemais 24 - 42; BMC Phoenicia p. 128, 10; SGICV 6046; Galilee Hoard H114 (this coin), F/EF, obverse off center, Ptolemais, 1.584g, 13.0mm, 0o, obverse jugate heads of the Dioskouroi right; reverse ..."ERAS AS"...(downwards on left), ..."PTOL"...(downwards on right), cornucopia with fruits, H monogram left; from the Galilee Hoard found north of the Sea of Galilee in 1989.

In 103 B.C. the King of Judaea, Alexander Jannaeus, with ambition to expand his territory, attacked Ake-Ptolemais. Ptolemais called on Ptolemy of Cyprus to its aid and it soon seemed Jannaeus would be crushed. But Cleopatra III of Egypt intervened, driving out her son and rival Ptolemy, reluctantly leaving Jannaeus with both Judaea and Ptolemais.

Important historically, a terrific MINT ERROR variety, and VERY VERY HOT psychometrically! Great connect with New Testament figures, especially John the Baptist!