Goddess Eirene -- Stunning! -- Diocletian, 20 November 284 - 1 March 305 A.D., Roman Provincial Egypt

MINT ERROR -- offset strike -- Billon tetradrachm, BMC p. 323, 2498 var (bust, date placement), VF, Alexandria, 6.869g, 20.9mm, 0o, 29 Aug 293 - 28 Aug 294 A.D.; obverse "DIOKLHTIANO"C C"EB", laureate and cuirassed bust right; reverse Eirene standing left, olive-branch? in right, long transverse scepter in left, L - I (year 10) across fields; near full circles! RARE THUS.

Eirene, or Irene (pronounced I-ree-nee; Greek for peace; the Roman equivalent was Pax), was the personification of peace and wealth, and of the season of spring.

QUITE HOT psychometrically, and, as well, simply beautiful to behold!