PAN & Syrinx Nymph & Pan Flute -- Macedonian Kingdom, Antigonos Gonatas, 277 - 239 B.C.

Bronze AE 18, SGCV II 6786, aVF, 4.463g, 16.3mm, 315o, 277 - 239 B.C.; obverse head of Athena right wearing crested Corinthian helmet; reverse B - A, Pan advancing right, erecting trophy, monogram left, ANTI monogram between legs; nice green patina.

This type was issued with dozens of variations of field marks, and placement of marks.

The god Pan was in love with the chaste nymph Syrinx. She sought help from her fellow river-nymphs. She was transformed into reeds, a plant with a hollow stem. The reeds made a strong sound when the angry Pan was breathing upon them. He cut them and invented the syrinx (pan-flute).

Very strong bucolic and small town psychometric reads, plus some personal reads. Might just be the coin you carried back then!