HOMONOIA -- HARMONY -- Maximianus, 286 - 305, 306 - 308, and 310 A.D., Roman Provincial Egypt

Homonoia was the goddess (or spirit or personification) of harmony, concord, unanimity, and oneness of mind. She is usually depicted either seated or standing with a cornucopia.

Billon tetradrachm, Milne 4939, BMC Alexandria 2564, SNG Cop 1038, Geissen -, Curtis -, VF, Alexandria mint, weight 7.300g, maximum diameter 18.4mm, die axis 0o, 29 Aug 289 - 28 Aug 290 A.D.; obverse A K M A OUA MAXIMIANOC CEB, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right; reverse Homonoia standing left, raising right, double cornucopia in left, star and EL (year 5) left.

Don't forget that, although this is nominally a "Roman" coin, it was minted in Alexandria -- the second largest city in the Western World second only to Rome, and that Alexandria is in Egypt, which was at that time under Roman domination.

The reverse of this coin is exceptional, and the contact with the goddess to whom it is dedicated is very powerful and clear.

Not your ordinary psychometric coin, this is more useful along the lines of Objective Prayer. The FORM of the goddess is not the goddess.