UNIQUE One of a Kind -- Knights Templar from the Fortress of Sidon 1250 A.D.

Fortress of Sidon Knights Templar c. 1250 A.D. -- Bronze pougeoise, Malloy Crusaders -, Metcalf Crusaders -; see Malloy Crusaders p. 152 ff. for a discussion of the coinage of Sidon and similar types, VF, weight 1.314g, maximum diameter 17.2mm, obverse small cross in square with traces of inscription; reverse two long lines with a pseudo inscription of pellets and streaks; UNIQUE -- which means that there are NO other known examples like it on the planet!!!

$1200.00 because it IS a unique. There are very few unique coins, very few Knights Templar coins, even fewer specifically Fortress of Sidon coins, and this is one of them.