GOLD -- Republic of Venice, Doge Paulo Rainer, 1779 - 1789

Blistering hot psychometric, solid gold.

The design of the famous Venetian gold ducat, or zecchino, remained unchanged for more than 500 years, from its introduction in 1284 and the conquest of Venice by Napoleon's troops in 1797. Paulo Rainer was the Doge of Venice before the last, at the end of 1000 years of Venetian independence.

Gold zecchino, Friedberg 1434, VF, holed, clipped, 1.804g, 16.9mm, 0o, Venice mint, 1779 - 1789; obverse PAVL RAINER DVX S M VENET, St. Marco stands right blessing Doge, long staff with cross between; reverse REGIS ISTE DVCA SIT T XPE DAT Q TV, Christ in mandorla with 16 stars, 7 on each side, 1 at top, and 1 at bottom.