Welcome to the Vaults of Time.

Please feel free to browse our site. Your purchases and donations enable us to make our Great Work efforts! Thank you so much for giving us your support! Be sure to see the blogs on how you can work as a curator to create collections for those you know and care about, and to leave a great legacy for succeeding generations.

Vaults of Time is a passageway, a portal, if you will, into and through the 8th Dimension.

All of the items you see here on this site, the artifacts, coins, art, rare books and jewelry, are psychometrically reading artifacts, gateways into other times, other dimensions and especially YOUR past lives!

Be sure to visit Yoyodyneindustries.com to see the devices and inductions which will help you to realize the potential of these rare and wonderful items from the distant past in the exploration of your Pathway Through Space & Time in the many forms of your prior incarnations.

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