TESTIMONIAL: "I watched and read the Bes Amulet, then found and read the Artemis coin and finally I stayed with Alexander the Great -- or rather -- with the sitting figure on the reverse. I felt connected with all. The blue Bes amulet with a recognition of having had it in my hands many times a long, long time ago. It meaning a personal connection. The Artemis coin from Perge from a purpose remembered lifetime, in function of the temples. The golden Alexander I don't know. I feel connected to the time, but I am not sure I was there in person -- more likely in presence. Having stayed with the connection some time, I shut down my Mac, going for a walk. Entering a park, I immediately felt as many, many times before, an ancient connection of purpose and strong connection, meaningfulness and interconnectedness awakened. This is what I am here for. The days that have passed, I have been with it whenever I am left on my own. I am with the power of ancient times, not to mess with and not to be carried lightly. I know that I am here to mediate from that without words to that which is in need. This has been present throughout my entire life, and this is what I am here for. It is very rare, that I feel a true recognition -- now I did. The first I recognized in my life from other human beings was The Tao. After this, many many years later -- writings of Almaas. Then again many years later, Osho. And now, a month ago I read An Autobiography of a Sufi and I recognize the tone and the stream. For me, it's like greeting a circle of kinship. In deep respect and gratitude" -- Bluefeather


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