Akhenaten, Nefertiti, Tut -- Egyptian, Ivory Kohl Pot, XVIII Dynasty, 1567 - 1320 B.C.

The 18th Dynasty was the renaissance of ancient Egypt, the rebirth of greatly inspired natural art; pieces from this period are rare. The ivory cannot be counterfeited, assuring that the piece is genuine.

3 1/2" Kohl Jar H284/230 -- Kohl was the heavy black eyeliner worn by rich and poor, male and female to protect the eyes from infection as well as to enhance the appearance.

This is a psychometrically very active artifact, drenched with history. It was an object of daily use, which means that it was not made specifically for burial, but for use during the life of the owner. Was that YOU???

If so, there's only one chance to obtain it, and this is it.