Egyptian, Coptic, Wood Hair Comb, 6th - 7th Century A.D.

Remember when you used to run this through your hair? Well, that hair's long gone now, and you've got brand-new 21st century hair, but having that comb in your hands will take you right back to the Good Old Days, when invaders rushed in from the sea and pillaged your hometown.

Relive the Good Old Days of yesteryear with the help of this ancient Object of Daily Use. It's still usable, albeit some of the teeth are broken, but at that age, you couldn't expect anything else.

There is some sand encrusted in and on the comb. It is the same comb as you'll find in Petrie Objects of Daily Use 47-51. Petrie was the father of modern archaeology; he invented the concept of digging in layers, called strata, each layer representing one stage of inhabitation of a given area.

The comb is about 8 1/2" by just under 3". I have a number of Objects of Daily Use which will be posted on this site, subject to prior sale.

The circular ornamentation patterns on the surface were made with bow-driven drills. Very reasonably priced; my 18th dynasty combs can run into the high thousands.