Maid Marian's Perfume Vials??? -- 3 Glass Perfume Vials, c. 400 - 700 A.D.

These ancient glass perfume vials date back over a millenium to the time of Robin Hood, King Arthur and Beowulf.

It's entirely possible that these vials formed the basic toilette Objects of Daily Use of Maid Marian, Queen Guinevere or Grendel's Mother, although nothing could really help her achieve that sparkling Breck's Shampoo Look.

Three perfume vials, two green, one white, creamy colors, 34, 23 and 21 mm tall; nice patina with some Telluride/Arsenide burial related iridescence intact. It takes about a thousand years to develop iridescense of this type, impossible to fake; patination in this variety is highly valued by most collectors of ancient glass.

$295.00 for all three vials