Robin Hood??? -- Medieval England Iron Arrowhead, 1241 - 1263 A.D.

Medieval England, Iron Arrowhead, 1241 - 1263 A.D. RARE to find an English artifact of any kind from this period!

This is the England that is Tolkien's Shire, the home of Robin Hood and his Merry Men, and King Arthur; although the actual historical setting is much earlier, the mythology dates to this time.

This is the time of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, the time of swashbuckling heroes of the British Culture.

An arrowhead of this type would have been hammered out by a blacksmith. It typically had a hole in the bottom of the tine to affix it to a split-shaft which would then be fitted with feathering to keep its flight true and steady.

London Museum Type 15; it is a full 93mm long -- over 3" -- and is bilobate, meaning it has two opposing lobes; it is treacherously barbed to prevent removal, and it is socketed for installation on a shaft; this is an unusually large arrowhead, possibly for the famous English Longbow.

This was definitely the period of King John and the Magna Carta, and this may have been used in the overthrow of the Norman French, who had conquered England in 1066 A.D. and ruled Britain for hundreds of years.