King Tut -- 3 Egyptian Amulets from the New Kingdom, 1567 - 1085 B.C.

Three incredibly fascinating and compelling Egyptian Amulets.

1. Bust of Isis, red-yellow-brown glass paste, 14 mm -- about 3/4".

2. Bust of Isis, bright blue faience, yellow-green accentuation marks, headdress missing, 14 mm.

3. Shu amulet, green faience, arms raised, below knees missing, 10 mm.

Haunting amulets from the time of King Tut, these were undoubtedly from the Amarna Workshop, probably the North Palace at Akhet-Aten.

Entirely undocumented, undoubtedly tomb-raided, nevertheless this type of item cannot be faked successfully. These are the real deal, and the glass and glazing are rare types indeed.

These would have been placed within your fine-linen cloth mummy wrappings along with items you had used during your life. They may not have found much use back then, but today you can use them with your SuperBeacon to reconnect with your ancient past.

$300.00 buys all 3!!!