Egypt, Isis and Horus Faience Amulet, 712 - 332 B.C.

Modern worshipers of Isis will typically wear an amulet of Isis and Horus within a pouch for the first nine days, then remove it, burn the pouch, and only then will they wear the amulet without the pouch.

This is a genuine ancient Isis/Horus amulet, over 2500 years old; it is made of pale blue-green faience (glass glazing over carved steatite).

Isis wears a headdress and is seated, holding the infant Horus in her lap, much as the later Virgin Mary holds the baby Jesus, for which, like it or not, Isis and Horus served as mythological models.

About 1" tall, holed for suspension on cord. Absolutely guaranteed genuine, this is a powerful reading artifact and is useful for any Isisian today.

Recapture the thrill and excitement of your life in ancient Egypt! Relive the misery, suffering, agony and illnesses unsurpassed by modern times!

Use this amulet with your SuperBeacon to reconnect with your past life as a tomb-worker, tailor, brick layer and 30-ton block-hauler, back in the Good Old Days of Ancient Egypt.