King Tut -- Egyptian, Amazonite Uzat, Against Evil Eye -- New Kingdom, 1567 - 1085 B.C.

The Uzat was known as the sacred eye, made to ward off the evil eye, curses, bad luck and other ill-wishing.

Uzat (sacred eye); 18 mm, carved light green variegated amazonite, chip at end of eye protuberance, Choice and very rare thus.

You would have worn this as an amulet, probably never removing it even when sleeping, to prevent illness, bad luck and curses against you by your closes enemies.

It was very common then, as it is today, for brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters to plot to kill a close relative for money, power and other equally temporary objectives.

The Eye of Horus was a magical device to ward off evil. Did it work for you? Probably, because here you are, to tell the tale, thus demonstrating that no matter what happens to you, the game is never over.

I have several of these, none other than this will be offered for sale.

Use this with your SuperBeacon to reawaken the visions of your past life with this artifact dangling from a neck cord under your jalab.