King Tut -- Ancient "Figa" -- Egyptian, Bronze Hand Amulet, New Kingdom, 1567 - 1085 B.C.

Egyptian, Bronze Hand Amulet, New Kingdom, 1567 - 1085 B.C. -- still in common use today, you can buy a gold, silver, brass or even plastic "Figa" hand amulet against evil and the evil eye anywhere in Italy or in any "Bodega" in any big city in America.

Bronze hand amulet; 22mm high -- it's very tiny -- hand clasping, with forefinger and thumb touching as usual; top part of suspension loop missing, very heavily oxide-encrusted, the result of over two millenia of burial in Egypt's hot, endless desert sand.

This OBJECT OF DAILY USE dates back to the time of Akhenaten, Nefertiti and the boy who became the famous King Tut, assassinated in his 18th year by his guardian Ay, who then took power and restored the Priests of Amun, who were his co-conspirators against the New Kingdom rulers.

A VERY VERY RARE Object of Daily Use, which was also often included in tomb treasures after passing of the soul from the organic body.

The survival of bronze is much less likely than gold because of its tendency to oxidize rapidly; gold, at least pure gold, does not oxidize. The heat and dryness of Egypt made this magnificent discovery come alive again, just in time for YOU to help in your quest for Soul Retrieval in this present lifetime, to empower your Essential Self.

Use this with your SuperBeacon to relive your ancient past life with this artifact.