King Tut -- Egyptian, Stunningly Beautiful Faience Bes Amulet, New Kingdom, 1567 - 1085 B.C.

Egyptian, Faience Bes Amulet, New Kingdom, 1567 - 1085 B.C., this is stunningly drop-dead gorgeous.

The faience glaze-type is definitely the work of the Amarna craftsmen at the North Palace of Akhet-Aten, the home of King Tut and his parents, Pharaoh Akhen-Aten and his Queen, the most beautiful woman of the ancient world, Nefertiti -- a famous portrait bust of her exists at the Berlin Museum; you can see for yourself how beautiful she was.

Bes amulet; 13 mm high, bright blue faience, legs missing, beautiful color, VERY RARE in this glaze type!!!

Many have seen this amulet, few recognize its significance. I obtained it because I know that it belongs to someone in our Worldwide Work Circle, but YOU must find and obtain it on your own recognizance and power!

Use this ROYAL amulet with your SuperBeacon to re-awaken your past life in Ancient Egypt alongside your former brother, King Tut.