Early Christian Amulets -- Roman Palestine, 2 Miniature Glass Vial Amulets, c. 3rd Century A.D.

Roman Palestine, 2 Miniature Early Christian Glass Vial Amulets, c. 3rd Century A.D. each about 3/4", one blue miniature amphora, one reddish-blue handled amphora; both with slight damage to their lower parts.

The Holy Land has for many centuries, stretching into millenia, sort of the Disneyland of ancient times.

When you visited the Holy Land, you wanted to bring back some sort of souvenir, right? Well, these little glass vessels were the perfect thing to prove you'd been there, and they were lucky pieces to boot!

Usually they contained a rare oil or unguent; sometimes a relic of a saint (the pieces of the True Cross sold during the Dark Ages amount to enough wood to circle the Earth three times).

The origin of these vials was the "Tear Vial" of the Egyptians and their conquerors, the Romans, who adopted many customs of their Egyptian subjects. The tears of mourners could be added to the counterweight against the feather on the scales of the God of the Dead who weighed the soul to see if it measured up to the passing grade of C+ required by Anubis, the Dean of the Egyptian University of Life & Death.

You can use these incredible and RARE early glass artifacts, relics of the earliest known Christian pilgrimages, to revitalize and re-awaken your past life as an early Christian, perhaps a martyr.

Simply place them on your SuperBeacon and enjoy the visions of YOUR past life as their former owner. This very active psychometric artifact has very safe and lovely visuals and some musical audio effects as well as market scenes and scenes of Early Christian Worship. A treasure-trove of data for any scholar of Early Christian beliefs and practices.