5" Egyptian Bronze Figure of Osiris, 26th - 30th Dynasty, 664 - 342 B.C.

height 13.0 cm (5"), Choice, Egyptian bronze figure of the god Osiris in mummified form wearing Atef-crown with Uraeus, braided beard curved at the tip, holding the royal regalia crock and flail; two-sided, loop on back; excellent detail, original patina.

A very high-reading artifact with plenty of eye-appeal; a similar piece has virtually zero psychometric value but looks a bit nicer. For my taste, the psychometric read is what's important.

If you got a strong hit off this image, it was probably placed in your tomb -- they weren't used during the lifetime.

The Bronze Osiris is presently unmounted, but I will put a base on it for you so you can use it with your SuperBeacon, FREE of extra charge.