Past Life Pocket Change

What is Past Life Pocket Change? You see an image of an ancient coin, and something inside clicks, an alarm goes somehow know that that very coin is one you have held in your hands a long, long time ago.

Before you utterly reject that thought and tuck it away where the sun don't shine, take a moment to reflect; stranger things have happened to you -- your life is filled with impossible "coincidences". Why not? Why couldn't that coin be one that you held, carried in a pocket or pouch, and spent, in one of your past lifetimes in Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, India, Africa, South America, Mesopotamia???

Does such a thing happen? More often than you think. And you think quite a lot.

So what happens when a coin from your past comes back to haunt you? My answer is, haunt it back. Use it invocationally to reconnect with your ancient past.

What is the current scientific opinion on Parallel Worlds? It is now widely accepted that they exist, and that they are "probably infinite". That means that your prior lives are equally infinite, and frankly, so are you, so why not enjoy infinity, while it lasts?

You can find out how to use your ancient items to re-contact your past lives. Visit Brane-Power for information about past life workshops and online instruction.