How to Select a Coin

Pass your mouse over the page with the coins in which you are interested. Be aware of any "tingle" or "hit" that you get as you do this.

Remember that these are NOT your ordinary ancient coins. They were selected for their psychometric qualities as well as their numismatic states & values.

There is no "objective" blue-book price list for ancient coins; the grading is very subjective although there are definite guidelines, but when it comes to psychometric value, the coin must be considered irreplaceable and without peer.

You can find less expensive coins of the same types, but they might or might not have psychometric value. Many of the coins on this site are RARE or UTMOST RARITY, meaning only one, two or three examples are known. Where it says that the coin is "unpublished", this may mean that it is the only known example of its type or more probably of its variant nature.

The object is to find coins that you yourself carried in a past life. May the Force Be With You In Your Search!