Atlantean Screenshot -- image courtesy of GODD Engine.

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Atlantean Tokens From Gorby's Little Mint

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In my Atlantean Edition, which I would characterize as an artist having fun designing coinage, I am working with pure, solid gold, and it is very enervating and connecting. I find myself more strongly connected to my days in Atlantis than I have felt for many centuries.

So when the design re-emerged in my consciousness, I recalled clearly that our stater were decorated with a triangle, slightly open at the bottom left, and a circle within, another circle without, and a ring of touchstones surrounding.

So, grabbing up a solid 24k gold blank, I executed that very design on the metal and, by golly, I was holding an Atlantean coin, a coin that I powerfully remember from my days in Atlantis, where it used to cost an arm & a leg to get a bucket of charcoal and a sheaf of pocket-bread.

But never mind, I promised myself I'd concentrate on the good parts of Atlantis, even though they were far outnumbered by the rotten parts of living in a hell-hole of left-wing radicals and right-wing brainiacs.

What I have in mind is that you write me and tell me what you remember about Atlantis, as stimulated by the Atlantean token or tokens in your home, office, den or furniture warehouse.

So...where was I??? Oh, yeah...Atlantean gold staters, half-staters, etc. Okay, so, lessee...

Ah, right; here are the parts I was hoping would grab you:

  1. The replica of the Atlantean coin works as a powerful connecting link to Atlantis, even though the token was literally "made yesterday".
  2. Atlantis is easier to contact and visualize than your early days in this very lifetime.
  3. Atlantis is easy to contact because of the volcanic eruption, tsunami and sinking of a large body of land, associated with it.
  4. Contact with Atlantis will give you a greater Will to achieve your goals.

As for the questions that naturally arise; "why does it work?", "how does it work?", "why should I care?" and more, all are intended as subjects for discussion on future ICW broadcasts.

My intention was that you would acquire one token per month, more often if you like, building a small store of fine art expressed in pure, solid gold. In a year, you'll have a nice little collection, which can be kept in a binder, box or other storage and display ideas, which I'm happy to share, on request.

SOLID 24K GOLD TOKENS come in flips unless otherwise specified. For enclosure in air-tight acrylic capsule and enthronement in blue velvet presentation box, add $10, my actual cost, to the total. Otherwise, your coin comes in a plastic baggie, inside which will be the flip encasing the token.

Forgive the variations in prices; it happens because of gold prices, which fluctuate sometimes in the $100 range per day. I follow foreign markets as well as US and UK gold markets, so I can somewhat predict the future for a few hours, at least.

Here's the breakdown at last Friday's gold market, which was down somewhat -- you'll have to check for the price on the day you acually pay for the items, which is how we determine how much gold to buy on any given day:

Full Stater $50
1/2 Stater$30
1/4 Stater$25
1/8 Stater$20
1/16 Stater$20
1/32 Stater$22

If the 1/32 Stater has less gold in it than the 1/8 Stater, why is it more money? Because you are not paying for the gold. Let me remind you that every single token is made by hand -- my hand. And let me tell you, making that little squirt 1/32 Stater is...well, it's damn hard to hold the thing and work the embosser and, well, it's harder to make that than any of the other sizes, so it's two bucks more.

I'll probably regret telling you this, but once in a while when I'm feeling lucky, I make a 1/64 Stater that's about the size of the head of a pin, but still has the design clearly embossed. Price? If pushed, I'll make one for $50. Just kidding, I'll do it for $22.

The blanks are made by a punch down to the half-Stater size, did I mention that? What I mean is, the blanks below that size are made by me with a special sharp metal shears.

What does that mean to you? It means that the weight of the token is sort of "out the window". I have no clue. I go strictly by size, and the sizes vary within a window of variance that would never pass muster even in a local bakery. I do my very best to guess to which category a given token might or might not belong, meaning, is it a 1/8th or a 1/16th, but I could be off by as much as double.

The net result is that my "Mint" is more along the lines of mint-flavored, rather than strictly your well-run Franklin or Federal Mint. In short, these are NOT COINS!!! You're actually buying an art-object created by me, an artist, in solid 24k gold. My guarantee? I hereby guarantee that the gold will be worth whatever gold of that grade is worth whenever you inquire, even centuries into the future.


I hereby certify that the gold used in my Atlantean Fine Art Token Series is .9999 fine, as received by me from a certified licensed refinery in the USA. Very few animals were killed or injured in the making of this blog.