Advanced Levels

In TOURNAMENT games, the GAME MASTER may elect to enact Advanced Levels. This is only possible on very large PRO game boards, with TERRAIN OVERWORLD and DUNGEON LEVELS. For Advanced Level Gaming, players use a combination of PLAYING COUNTERS, 1/25th SCALE FIGURINES, MAGIC, RUNE and CHARM COUNTERS, CURSE-CARDS and WEAPON MARKERS, including TRAPS.

These can ONLY be obtained at HUCKSTER TABLES at Official VoT Vortex Tournaments; Hucksters must provide OFFICIAL style markers, weapons and curse cards. Each Huckster is LICENSED by the VoT Vortex Pro Gaming Committee and must display that license at the table.

If you want to become an Official VoT Vortex GAME MASTER and run Advanced Levels, CLICK HERE. You must be a qualified Tournament Champion to be eligible for the GAME MASTER course and certification.