Extra Pieces

You can order special game pieces by using the contact button on this site.

Here are some of the types you can order, and you can request very specific archaeological sites, dates and circumstances. We may have something already in stock, such as coins of the Roman Republic and Ptolomaic Egypt, or it might be soil samples from Long-Barrow, Stonehenge or Chichen-Itza, or a small chunk of the Wall Street Stock Exchange, Ground Zero or a pebble from Central Park, or even a penny-sized punchout from a Beatles concert ticket, but if we don't happen to have what you want on hand at the moment, we'll do our very best to find your target time and place for you or, if you have a very small thin artifact that will fit inside the gaming piece, we can mount it in a capsule for you.

Gaming pieces are very ancient; we have gaming pieces from a variety of ancient sites including Sumer, Babylon, Amarna and the ancient Lung-Shan Province which once existed in pre-dynastic China.

Coin Game Pieces Available Now

Roman Republic

Roman Empire

Archaic Greek

Hellenistic Greece

Late Roman Empire

Ptolomaic Egypt


Dutch, Time of Rembrandt

Medieval Europe

Very Early Islamic



Archaological Sites

Sarmoung Brotherhood Dolmen Sites



Various Pre-Columbian sites

Various Ancient British Iron-Age Sites

Unusual Game Pieces

Tibetan Ash, c. 11th-13th century

Saint's Bone Fragment c. 32-35 A.D.

Mayan Warrior Bone Fragment, c. 600-900 A.D.

Fine Amarna 18th Dynasty Linen Mummy Cloth, c. 1530 B.C.

Early Flying Reptile Bone Fragment

Jurassic T-Rex Bone Fragment

Asteroid Belt Vesta Fragment

Mars Rock

Lunar Rock

4.5 Billion Year Old Meteoritic Fragment with pre-Solar System Star Inclusions

Soil Sample from Temple at Delphi taken 1911 by June & Donald Suckling

Limestone Fragment from Parthenon, taken 1911 by June & Donald Suckling

Marble Fragment from Caesar's Palace, 100 B.C.-100 A.D.

Marble Fragment from Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas, taken recently by unknown tourist

Chunk of Berlin Wall

Fabric Punchout from Clinton White House

Fabric Punchout from Suit of "Dutch" Schultz

Paper Punchout from Last Beatles Concert U.S. Tour

Paper Punchout from "Woodstock" Concert, 1969.

Paper Punchout from Jim Morrison lyric sheet

Pocket-Change Coin Carried by David Prowse, body-actor for Star Wars, "Darth Vader".

Powder from Cosmetic Jar owned by Marie Antoinette

Frankincense from Ancient Bethlehem, c. 33 B.C.

Soil Sample from Great Temple at Jerusalem, taken in 1867 by a member of Mark Twain's "Innocents Abroad"

Small Fragment of a Moth-Eaten Early American Flag of Unknown Type, c. 1775-77

Tiny Pebbles from Front of Donald Trump's home

There are more, thousands more items, all available as gaming pieces for your VoT Vortex Game.

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